We have a team of experienced tailors and seamstresses. They have the experience, skills and knowledge to perform alterations at the highest standard. All work is undertaken, from relining a coat to fixing a button. No job is too small or large.



Our dry cleaning machines have specially designed curtain and upholstery programs which enable all types of soft furnishings to be cleaned. It eliminates all risk of shrinkage and unnecessary wear.

We also offer a stain guard service for your upholstery.


We only entrust craftsmen to deal with leather, suedes and furs. Our highly trained suede and leather technicians produce exceptional results in restoring suede, sheepskin and leather to as near it’s original condition as possible.


All wedding dresses are examined thoroughly and if needed all beading and trimmings are tested for compatibility and its durability during its cleaning process. Depending on whether the garment is dry-cleaned or wet washed, our machinery has been specially programmed to cope with the delicate nature of the cleaning method required. Delicate garments are cradle washed at low temperatures, short cycles to ensure your precious garment is cleaned in the most delicate method possible. Your wedding dress is then steam pressed ensuring that the finish and texture of the material is true to the original design. We then layer your dress in acid free tissue paper inserting a tissue-covered bust in the corset of the gown giving shape, form and a crease free appearance in the bridal chest. The wedding dress boxes are made by hand and supplied by The Empty Box Company. The boxes are for additional price depending on a box size.


We believe our shirt service is the finest. Our shirt service starts with special attention to cuffs and collars that are pre-treated, as well as spotting and treating stains where required. We offer three levels of starch, light, medium or heavy, or, no starch at all. All shirts are hand finished, hung or folded as you prefer, and returned to you beautifully packaged and protected. 


We pride ourselves on our ability to remove most stains that have not been tampered with. Our experienced pressers will hand finish your garments from the inner side thus preventing the outside fabric from shinning and unnecessary wear. We have the knowledge and ability to clean garments that other cleaners refuse. Fine Missoni knitwear, Equipment’s silk blouses, Stella McCartney’s tailoring are all designer labels that require specialist cleaning due to their colour sensitivity and delicate nature. We constantly update our knowledge and equipment to cater for the the needs of the ever changing fashion world.